Household Totems - Serge Game

References to medieval reliquaries and hermetic architecture, allusions to bondage, anthropomorph and zoomorph features and janus masks. All this can be found in the visual language which is at the base of Serge Game’s sculptural works which seem to keep shifting between figuration and abstraction.

The works are carved, glued and strung together - almost ‘willed’ into being - before being dipped in a bath of resin and pigments which gives them their stony appearance. The result is an evergrowing population of fantasmagorical objects with grotesque features and enigmatic as well as monumental qualities.

All works are part of the ongoing series Household Totems which was initiated to give people a chance to surround themselves in their everyday life with these fantastical objects of modest dimensions. A bit like talismans from another world that can help us temporarily escape ours.

Serge Game lives and works in Rotterdam | the Netherlands